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Sony's inflexible position on Fortnite items

Heavy is the head, however, and now Sony's inflexible position on Fortnite items cross-progression is looking fairly frustrating alongside the now wide-open Microsoft.

It's going to be hard for Sony to walk the Fortnite thing back, even if it may eventually make a wider escape. Lots of players like me will have begun alternate accounts and arleady shaped a kernel of resentment against the PlayStation. The game is far up, but it is not Sony's greatest moment.

Update: I've seen some confusion on Twitter, so it needs to be clear that unlinking your own PSN accounts does not enable you to migrate your Epic accounts to fortnite weapons Xbox Switch and One. The account is tagged as having been connected to PSN, and it will not be altered. The Epic Games site is quite clear about this when you try to unlink your accounts --note the last box.

It Feels Pretty Clear What Fortnite's Road Trip Challenge Skin Will Be

Just like Season 4, Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 has an ultimate prize. Last year we had the Blockbuster Challenge, which asked us to finish seven complete weeks of Fortnite more rewarded and challenges us with a mystery legendary skin for outside troubles, along with special narrative-based loading screens along the way. In Season 5, it's the exact same thing, just this time it's known as the"Road Trip" Challenge. And I think I've a pretty good idea what it's going to look like, or what broad aesthetic genre it fits into. It is always potential Epic is drifting a red herring down my stream, but at this point I'm eager to go out on a sidewalk.

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