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The MLB 19 Stubs question is whether

Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama: At 6’6, 327 pounds, Robinson is a huge prospect who helped bulldoze in the run game for the Crimson Tide. The MLB 19 Stubs question is whether or not he has the feet and quickness to handle NFL pass rushers. He’ll also have to answer questions about an arrest last year.

Zach Banner, OT, USC: Banner measured in at the Senior Bowl at a mammoth 6’8, 361 pounds. His weight and athleticism will be under the microscope in Indianapolis.Saturday, March 4 — Day 2 — Quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight endsQuarterbacks draw all the attention, but the NFL bine doesn’t do much to separate players.

Throwing drills at the end of the evaluation are the most significant for quarterbacks, but there isn’t much that isn’t important for wide receivers and tight ends.Players to MLB 19 the show stubs watch: DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame: His time with the Fighting Irish didn’t go so well, but he finished the 2016 season with 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

With no clear-cut top quarterback, Kizer’s 6’4, 230-pound frame and NFL arm strength could shine in parison to the other passers in the class.Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech: He was a wild gunslinger in college and certainly has the talent to be a first-round pick. He just needs to show the discipline of an NFL starter.

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