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The endgame if you made the PoE trade currency

It's fun to go through Path of Exile blind and without a care in the world. As stated previously, you're likely to fight towards the endgame if you made the PoE trade currency wrong choices. Your playthrough is for learning the fundamentals, best, so that is alright. Keep in mind, however, that there are a slew of guides and tools that you can use to learn more about the sport and prepare yourself.

The wiki, that is totally community-driven of the game, is there. If someone said a term or item you are not familiar with, go ahead and search for that there. The website is there as well for all your database along with build-related concerns.

The site is there for all your trading needs, so there's no point in using the trade channel! You can directly whisper people and see whether they're online to buy poe currency make those transactions. The video above shows you a few"dos and don'ts" when making transactions.

Meanwhile, the official forum of the game has sections devoted to guides for classes and all of the builds.

Players experiment with specific creations and detail their success using skills and object combinations. You might also need to use the Path of Construction instrument (seen above) -- whose creator has just been recently hired by Grinding Gear Games -- to plan your builds ahead of time. You can also use this to import the builds of players so that you can assign those points.

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