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You won't get really much in PoE currency

However good your construct is, you won't get really much in  PoE currency if you are too easy to kill. Therefore, you need to make sure your character has plenty of defense. That is no less true of this Arc Witch. Block is a fantastic way to enhance your defense, since it supplies as much as a 75% chance to completely eliminate spells and attacks.

An important thing of Block is that it does not mitigate damage over time or alternative secondary harmful outcomes.

A good way to compensate for Block's inability to PoE trade currency mitigate damage over time is running the Keystone, Mind over Matter. MoM is popular in a great deal of builds in 3.3, for good reason. MoM takes 30 percent of incoming harm from any source, and transmits it to the mana pool, instead.

In other words, 30% of the life that you would've dropped, becomes lost mana. So long as it is possible to keep your mana pool topped off having sufficient regeneration, then you will enhance your endurance substantially.

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