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It semes like individuals who are at the FIFA 19 Coins

Other improvements include the items you'll receive in Ghillieglade, the treasure in different areas will be overhauled as well. All in all, it semes like individuals who are at the  FIFA 19 Coins club will be well off after Update 61 is released.

Strike Titan and TERA MMO Collaboration Can Be Wonderful

We're not sure how many men and women play TERA, the popular MMO video game, but for people who do, and are not located in Japan, your rage levels are about to go through the roof.

You see,  Buy FIFA Mobile Coins is teaming up with Strike on Titan allowing players to trick out their characters in uniforms in the anime.The collaboration was declared today, and from what we've gathered, the occasion will go live on May 2, and all races are going to be able to wear the Attack on Titan uniforms.

At this time, you shouldn't expect much here since the uniforms are the main attraction and nothing more. It would have been much better if gamers can take advantage of some of the weapons and attack fashions from the anime, but that's not going to occur.


Publicerat klockan 06:12, den 30 januari 2019
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