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He was a great plement to Madden 19 Coins

He was a great plement to Madden 19 Coins Pierre Garcon, and he and Kirk Cousins were on the same page for much of the season. Their offense may experience a huge overhaul this offseason, as Cousins, Garcon and Jackson may all walk away in free agency this spring.

They definitely have enough cap room to bring Jackson back, at around $65 million. The question is whether they are willing to shell out for him.He won’t get the franchise tag — if Washington uses it on anyone it will likely be Cousins. Signing an aging, injury-prone receiver to a long-term deal is a huge risk, especially with the emergence of both Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed as young up-and-ing receivers on the roster.

For a team with so much depth already at the position, it may be best to let Jackson walk if he does not agree to a cheaper deal. Philadelphia EaglesJackson made his name as one of the  Madden NFL 19 Coins most electrifying receivers during his six-year tenure with the Eagles. His career in Philadelphia came to a rocky finish at the beginning of the Chip Kelly era, though. He was released by the team in 2014, only two years after signing a five-year extension.

Jackson reminded the Eagles how explosive a player he could be during the team’s matchups against Washington, even mocking an Eagles touchdown celebration during a 2014 game.

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