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Over the weekend on May 11 at Maple M Mesos

With secondary weapons, players can equip two weapons such as attack combinations that are ferocious and diverse.

Over the weekend on May 11 at Maple M Mesos Los Angeles, Nexon hosted the annual MapleStory Fest. Throughout the event, over 500 fans came together to have a look at future updates for the two MapleStory and MapleStory 2 as well as match the developers of the game and hear their stories.

The sold-out show entertained attending fans with a live concert as well as various actions including a cosplay competition. More importantly, this event gave developers of MapleStory the chance to celebrate the match 14th anniversary by sharing their favourite memories of working on the match. The June 12th upgrade which adds Pathfinder, the first character that was brand new to be published following the Black Mage update was also mimicked by the developers.

Additionally, the team shared information about buy MaplestoryM Mesos two's May 30th update where players can get a new class, Striker, who is a master of combat and utilizes bare-handed martial arts skills in conflict. The upgrade introduces Eye of Lapenta, a storyline that includes equipment that is ascendent and dungeons. This upgrade also increases the level cap to 70 and triggered Rank 2 skills for all jobs.In case you missed it, check out our overview of the game where we talk about its sound gameplay execution.

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