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The match will include a lot of The Division 2 Boosting

The match will include a lot of The Division 2 Boosting interior areas . So players can, for example, explore the interior of some of the museums of the Smithsonian.As for the political aspects of a sport that manages the collapse of America, meltdown of the government and takes in the capital of the nation, Ubisoft nonetheless maintains that"The Division" is apolitical.

"It's completely fictional. There are quite a few reasons we picked D.C., none of which were politics. The game is investigating the collapse of this homeland division [Ed. 's note: that is the fictional government thing that defends the nation, not to be confused with the actual Homeland Security cabinet department]. It is located in D.C. so that you visit Washington D.C. to see exactly what occurred. It's Tom Clancy so it is plausible fiction"

The campaign will start with players setting up a base of  The Division 2 Credits operations there and retaking the White House. From that base they will then begin to clean up town.

Each settlement has items they require in the gamers characters, and its own individuality. "They have their own stories to share the world around you," Spier said. "What they have been going through, by helping those settlements, players will probably be bringing the world back to life. You are an agent of change."

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